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Master of Arts in Islamic Studies with concentration in Aqeedah

The International Islamic University of Minnesota proudly presents the Master of Arts Degree in Islamic Studies with a concentration in Aqeedah, specifically designed for individuals passionate about deepening their understanding of Islamic Creed. This distinguished program offers an in-depth focus on the principles and doctrines of Islamic belief, aiming to develop comprehensive knowledge and expertise in the fundamental aspects of Aqeedah.

Learning Outcomes:
Graduates of this program will:
•    Gain a profound understanding of the core principles of Islamic Creed.
•    Acquire specialized knowledge in the doctrinal schools and contemporary issues in Aqeedah.
•    Develop advanced research skills.
•    Enhance their ability to critically engage with theological, legal, historical, and cultural discourses related to Islamic Creed.

Program Features

Study Format

Online/live sessions or
Self-Paced Study

Tuition and Fee

Total: $3645

Quarterly : $780

Monthly: $203

Full-Time  Completion Time

3 Quarters per Year: 1.2 year

4 Quarters per Year: 1 year

Instruction Medium

English or Arabic

Study Time Options

Full Time: Minimum 2 courses per quarter

Part Time: Minimum 1 courses per quarter

Degree Completion Requirements

Total: 45 quarter credits

Core Courses: 20 credits

Electives: 15 credits

Research Methodology course: 5 credits

Capstone: 5 credits

Curriculum Details

    1. ISEC500 Fundamentals of Islamic Creed - 5 Credits

    2. ISEC501 Qur'anic Exegesis (Tafsir) - 5 Credits

    3. ISEC502 Principles of Islamic Jurisprudence (Usul al-Fiqh) - 5 Credits

    4. ISEC503 Hadith Terminology - 5 Credits

    1. ISEA500 Doctrinal Schools in Islam - 5 Credits

    2. ISEA501 Islamic Creed in the Modern Era - 5 Credits

    3. ISEA502 Primary Sources of Islamic Creed - 5 Credits

    1. ISEC504 Research Methodology - 5 Credits

    1. ISEC505 Capstone Project - 5 Credits

Admission Requirements

  1. Copy of Valid Passport or ID: Please provide a clear image of your valid passport or photo ID to verify your identity.

  2. Personal Statement: A personal statement is required. This should outline your interest in the program, your career goals, and why you believe you would be a good fit for the program.

  3. Most Recent College or University Diploma and Transcripts: Applicants must have completed an undergraduate degree. Official transcripts must be submitted.

  4. Application Form: Applicants must submit a fully completed application form through the university's online application system. It is essential that all sections of the form are thoroughly and accurately completed to ensure your application is properly considered.

  5. Application Fee: The application fee for a master’s degree program is $50.

  6. Additional Requirements for Applicants without an Academic Background in Islamic Studies: If your undergraduate or graduate degree does not include an academic background in Islamic Studies, you are required to fulfill the admission requirements for the graduate program by completing four undergraduate-level courses. These courses should cover foundational topics in Islamic Studies. You can complete these courses at your own pace, or if you already have sufficient knowledge of Islamic Studies, you can take exams for these courses.

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