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Employment opportunities

Welcome to the International Islamic University of Minnesota!


We are committed to promoting fairness and ensuring every team member has an equal opportunity to succeed. Our academic community comprises passionate and dedicated individuals who are always willing to support each other in achieving their goals. We invite you to join this inspiring community and pursue your academic and career aspirations with us.


Please complete the job application form to apply for our vacant positions. We are looking forward to your application.



  • Job Summary:
    The Administrative Specialist at the International Islamic University of Minnesota provides essential administrative support to ensure the efficient operation of Academic and Student Affairs. This role includes various tasks to assist the university staff and faculty, including but not limited to managing correspondence, answering phone calls, organizing and maintaining records, and coordinating schedules.

    Key Responsibilities:

    1. Administrative Support:

      • Manage and respond to emails, phone calls, and social media communications.

      • Schedule and coordinate meetings, appointments, and arrangements for staff and faculty.

      • Prepare and edit documents, reports, and presentations.

    2. Record Keeping and Data Management:

      • Maintain and update university databases and records.

      • Ensure accuracy and confidentiality of information.

      • Organize and archive files and documents.

    3. Event Coordination:

      • Assist in planning and coordinating university events, workshops, and seminars.

      • Manage virtual events, including Zoom sessions, online presentations, and participants registration.

    4. Student and Faculty Support:

      • Serve as a point of contact for students and faculty regarding administrative inquiries.

      • Assist with the onboarding process for new students and faculty.

      • Provide support with course materials, scheduling, and other academic-related tasks.

    5. Financial Administration:

      • Assist with budget preparation and expense tracking.

      • Process invoices, reimbursements, and other financial documents.

      • Maintain accurate financial records and reports.

    6. Communications and Marketing:

      • Assist in the creation and distribution of marketing materials and university communications.

      • Update and maintain the university website and social media platforms.

      • Support public relations efforts and community outreach.

    7. Compliance and Policy Adherence:

      • Ensure adherence to university policies and procedures.

      • Stay updated on relevant regulations and best practices in administrative functions.

      • Assist in policy formulation and review as required.


    • Education: Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Management, or related field preferred.

    • Experience: Minimum of 2 years of experience in an administrative or office management role.

    • Skills:

      • Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook).

      • Strong organizational and multitasking abilities.

      • Excellent English language written and verbal communication skills.

      • Detail-oriented with strong problem-solving skills.

      • Ability to work independently and as part of a team.

      • Knowledge of office management systems and procedures.

    Working Conditions:

    • A virtual work environment with requirements for administration and students’ support which may include evenings or weekends.

    • Excellent use of computer both in English and Arabic.

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