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Bachelor of Arts in Islamic Studies with concentration in Jurisprudence/Fiqh

The Bachelor of Arts in Islamic Studies with a concentration in Jurisprudence/Fiqh is designed to provide students with an in-depth understanding of Islamic law and its applications. The program emphasizes mastery of the Arabic language, understanding Islamic theology, and developing skills in the analysis and application of Islamic jurisprudence. Graduates will be well-prepared for roles in Islamic education, legal advisory positions, and scholarly research.

Learning Outcomes
Graduates will be able to:
1.    Achieve proficiency in the Arabic language.
2.    Understand and articulate the principles of Islamic Creed (Aqeedah).
3.    Apply Islamic jurisprudential principles in various contexts.
4.    Conduct detailed analysis and interpretation of Islamic legal texts.
5.    Understand the historical development and contemporary applications of Islamic law.
6.    Engage in scholarly discussions on Fiqh and contemporary legal issues.
7.    Apply Islamic ethical principles in personal and professional contexts.

Program Features

Study Format

Online/live sessions or
Self-Paced Study

Tuition and Fee

Per Credit: $27

Total Cost: $5,544

Full-Time  Completion Time

3 Quarters per Year: ~3.3 years

4 Quarters per Year: 2.5 years

Instruction Medium

English or Arabic

Study Time Options

Full Time: Minimum 4 courses per quarter

Part Time: Minimum 2 courses per quarter

Degree Completion Requirements

Total: 180 quarter credits

General Education Courses: 45 credits

Core Courses: 81 credits

Advanced concentration courses: 54 credits

Curriculum Details

  • ​The Fall Quarter

    1. ISEG100: Arabic Language Level I - 5 credits

    2. ISEC110: Islamic Creed I - 4 credits

    3. ISEC111: Fiqh of Worship I - 4 credits

    4. ISEC112: Introduction to Quranic Sciences - 5 credits


    The Winter Quarter

    1. ISEC113: History of Islamic Jurisprudence - 4 credits

    2. ISEC114: Tajweed I (Rules of Proper Recitation) - 5 credits

    3. ISEC115: Analytical Tafseer I - 5 credits

    4. ISEG101: Islamic Psychology - 4 credits

    The Spring Quarter

    1. ISEG102: Islam & Science - 4 credits

    2. ISEG103: Arabic Language Level II (Prerequisite: ISEG100) - 5 credits

    3. ISEG104: Islamic Manners/Behavior - 4 credits

    4. ISEC116: Biography of the Prophet I - 5 credits

  • ​The Fall Quarter

    1. ISEG200: Arabic Language Level III (Prerequisite: ISEG103) - 5 credits

    2. ISEG201: History of the Rightly Guided Caliphs - 4 credits

    3. ISEG202: Islamic Spirituality (Tazkiya) - 4 credits

    4. ISEC210: Introduction to Sunnah Sciences - 5 credits


    The Winter Quarter

    1. ISEC211: Fiqh of Worship II (Prerequisite: ISEC111) - 4 credits

    2. ISEC212: Islamic Creed II (Prerequisite: ISEC110) - 4 credits

    3. ISEG203: Arabic Language Level IV (Prerequisite: ISEG200) - 5 credits

    4. ISEG204: History of Muslim States (Prerequisite: ISEG201) - 5 credits

    The Spring Quarter

    1. ISEC213 - Analytical Tafseer II (Prerequisite: ISEC115) - 5 credits

    2. ISEC214 - Islamic Creed III (Prerequisite: ISEC212) - 4 credits

    3. ISEC215 - Fiqh of Transactions I - 4 credits

    4. ISEC216 - Biography of the Prophet II - (Prerequisite: ISEC116)  - 5 credits


    The Fall Quarter

    1. ISEC300: Tajweed II (Rules of Proper Recitation) (Prerequisite: ISEC114) - 5 Credits

    2. ISEC301: Fiqh of Transactions II (Prerequisite: ISEC215) - 4 Credits

    3. ISEC302: Islamic Theology - 4 Credits

    4. ISEC303: Hadith Terminology I - 5 Credits


    The Winter Quarter

    1. ISEF300: Juristic Study of Family Institution 1 - 5 Credits

    2. ISEF301: Principles of Islamic Jurisprudence - 5 Credits

    3. ISEF302: The Objective of Islamic Law - 5 Credits

    4. ISEF303: Islamic Legal Maxims - 4 Credits


    The Spring Quarter

    1. ISEF304: Juristic Study of Islamic Polity - 5 Credits

    2. ISEF305: Major Schools of Thoughts of Fiqh - 5 Credits

    3. ISEF306: Juristic Study of Family Institution 2 (Prerequisite: ISEF300) - 5 Credits

    4. ISEF307: Juristic Study of Crimes & Punishment - 5 Credits

  • The Fall Quarter

    1. ISEF400: Fiqh of Emerging Issues (Nawazil) - 5 Credits

    2. ISEF402: Contemporary Fiqh Issues - 5 Credits

    3. ISEF403: Reasons for Fiqhi Differences - 5 Credits

Admission Requirements

  1. Copy of Valid Passport or ID: Please provide a clear image of your valid passport or photo ID to verify your identity.

  2. Personal Statement: A personal statement is required. This should outline your interest in the program, your career goals, and why you believe you would be a good fit for the program.

  3. High School Diploma or Equivalent: Applicants must have completed high school or earned a General Education Diploma. Official transcripts or proof of completion must be submitted.

  4. Application Form: Applicants must submit a fully completed application form through the university's online application system. It is essential that all sections of the form are thoroughly and accurately completed to ensure your application is properly considered.

  5. Application Fee: Applicants must pay a non-refundable application fee of $25.

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