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The curriculum at IIUMN is MashAllah, very comprehensive and well-structured. It beautifully integrates Islamic studies with modern academics, enriching my knowledge.

Ahmed Saleh

Master's Degree Student

Comprehensive and Flexible Degree Programs 

Customize your learning experience with our flexible study formats. Join our engaging online/live sessions or take control with self-paced study. Achieve your educational goals on your terms!

Flexible Study Format

Low-cost tuition and fees make education accessible.

Affordable Tuition & Fees

Select your preferred language of instruction: English or Arabic. Our programs are offered in both languages, ensuring a comfortable and effective learning experience for all.

Medium Instruction

Classes start every 10 weeks for a structured yet flexible learning schedule.

10-Week Intervals

Degree Programs

Enroll in our 2-year program to explore the core of Islamic studies, led by renowned professors. Our comprehensive curriculum covers Aqeeda, Quranic Sciences, Hadith Sciences, or Fiqh/Jurisprudence, preparing you for further academic pursuits or community roles.

Embark on a 4-year journey to deepen your understanding and application of Islamic principles in personal and scholarly contexts. You can choose your concentration in the third year, focusing on Aqeeda, Quranic Sciences, Hadith Sciences, or Fiqh/Jurisprudence for an in-depth study experience.

Prepare for advanced scholarly work and specialized roles within communities in just 1.2 years. Focus on Aqeeda, Quranic Sciences, Hadith Sciences, or Fiqh/Jurisprudence for in-depth study and expertise. Customize your study with elective courses tailored to your chosen concentration.

Engage in original research and scholarly work to make significant contributions to your field. This 3-year program prepares you for careers in academia or religious leadership, with intensive study in Islamic Studies, Quranic Sciences, Hadith Sciences, or Fiqh/Jurisprudence.

Begin your journey of spiritual and academic growth. Explore the rich tradition of Islamic scholarship and deepen your understanding. Our programs are designed to unlock your potential and prepare you for a meaningful future. Don’t wait, start your transformative journey today and join our vibrant academic community. Your future in Islamic studies starts here!

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